Conditions of consultation and use of ETAP

ETAP is available free of charge. You can use the questionnaire with the permission of the authors. This authorization is obtained by completing the form in the Get the questionnaires tab. After providing information about your affiliation and how you want to use ETAP, you will be able to access and use the tool.

Your work interests us! If you publish an article involving the ETAP questionnaire, contact us at

To refer to ETAP-1, please use the following reference:

Rivard, M., Mello, C., Mercier, C., Lefebvre, C., Millau, M., Morin, M., Morin, D., Abouzeid, N. and Chatenoud, C. (2020). Development of a questionnaire to assess the quality of service trajectories in autism spectrum disorder from families’ perspective. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 33 (6), 1500-1511.

Other articles and references will be made available as our work on the tool progresses.